Welcome to Fontana Police Officers' Association

The Fontana Police Officers’ Association is an organization comprised of the police officers, corporals and detectives of Fontana Police Department. We are more than just a labor association. We took an oath to protect the people who live, work, shop and play in our City and we take that oath very seriously. That is why we are partners with the City of Fontana, including the businesses, non-profits and the faith based sectors. It is simple. Safer communities are more prosperous and better places for all of us. We are here to work with you to make Fontana secure from crime and the threat of crime leading to more thriving City.




The mission of the Fontana Police Officers’ Association is to provide the most professional and preeminent police services through recruiting and retaining the best personnel; that is accomplished by ensuring the best training, education, working conditions, wages, benefits, pension, safety equipment, and legal defense; and, by outreach to and collaborating with the communities we serve including the business, social, government and faith based sectors.