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Unity In Community

Chillin’ N Grillin’ BBQ ComPITition

Event Time

Saturday, September 18, 2021
11:00 AM to 3:00 PM


Jesse Turner – Fontana Park’s Sports Pavilion
15556 Summit Avenue, Fontana, CA

About Event

The event is all called “UNITY in CommUNITY” specifically because it helps build UNITY in the greater Fontana commUNITY of the Inland Empire. It is a partnership with the Concerned Citizens for the Development of North Fontana - a local civil rights organization founded in the 1960s, the Fontana Police Officers Association, the City of Fontana including the mayor and all members of Fontana City Council, and the Fontana Chamber of Commerce.

The purpose is to develop and maintain trust and communication with the community and police, which helps remove barriers and misunderstanding. We come together to support keeping us all safe from crime and the fear of crime. We build trust and personal relationships through events like this.

It is as simple and as Biblical as “breaking bread” together. The Harvard Business Review reported that preparing and sharing a casual meal helps build comradery. We see the Barbecue ComPITition as doing just that - building comradery. For us that means trust, communication and collaboration.

Public safety is a partnership between peace officers, fire fighters, paramedics and the community they serve. Community safety is improved when people better understand how and why first responders do what they do. In order to explain that dynamic, first we have to trust each other and then communication flows.

For additional information call Ted Hunt at 321-482-3949 or Ellen Turner at 909-333-9950.
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